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My Love for helping others.

Now this one has a bit of a back story, ever since i was a young child I've loved helping everyone. the young, the old, and everyone in between.

I think it stems from having chronically ill parents, my dad being a Type 1 Diabetic and my mum having every condition under the sun. The same conditions i inherited.

I helped a lot around the house, cleaning, cooking, laundry, you name it i probably done starting from the age of 10 years old. Although never asked of me, i just wanted to help. i took the burden of everyone emotions and just got on with it. It got me down sometimes, but i always had the support to get me back up.

Support is a two way street between my parents and i.

This love for helping people has carried on throughout my entire life and is still with me now. But it's different now; caring, loving and helping people gives me a purpose.

I am disabled, i can't work and im accepting that. Maybe one day i'll be able to work but i'm not hanging onto that, because i can't see the future.

I can however help others. This fills me with joy, happiness and purpose.

Having a purpose is extremely important for my mental health. Being home a lot makes me feel like im in a prison. The same four walls, sometimes for days on end. knowing my children are out exploring the world with family while i'm nursing a flare-up at home, makes me sad. When i fight the flare though and explore with my children i am filled with happiness, because i feel like im fulfilling my purpose as a parent.

When you find your purpose, hold on too it. fulfill it, make it your own. This is an big step in self-care, its looking after your mental health as well as your physical, they are both equally important.

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