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A day in the life of me

Wake up and morning

A typical day for me starts around 5/6am, thanks to my high energy 2 year old Abel. For me it starts with my medication, Naproxen, Gabapentin and painkillers. Depending on severity of pain it ranges from OTC paracetamol to prescribed tablets like tramadol and a cup of tea.

Abel and I will lay on the sofa or floor until my painkillers kick in and until Elijah wakes up. Elijah isn't always here he lives with my mum, his nan and me 50/50 parenting but that's a post for another day.

About half an hour after painkillers I'll make Abel's breakfast, he typically has the same breakfast everyday porridge with yoghurt (soya) or a fruit pouch and sometimes he'll have all three. Whilst Abel eats breakfast I'll run a bath and clean up the kitchen. This is another thing that is dependent on what type of day I am having, you'll notice a lot of things are subjective. After breakfast its washed, battle of teeth brushing and dressed. I aim to be up washed and dress by around 7:30am.

Now breakfast is all cleared away and we are ready for the day, depending on what we are doing one of 2 things usually happens. 1) We are going out early morning so I fill our water bottles up and pack lunch and snacks and we leave. I normally use my baby carrier because my wrists are usually too weak to push the pram and Elijah will walk next to me when he's home. 2) We aren't going out in the morning and Abel follows me around needing to touch me every 5 seconds and wanting constant cuddles (again the baby carrier comes in handy here too) on the odd occasion he'll sit a colour, usually only last two minutes but I get to pee in peace. when we are at home I usually tidy up as much of the flat as I can and then do story time with the boys.

Lunch time and the Afternoon

Lunch time is around 12pm, and lunch time is difficult. Abel is a very picky eater and lost of textures make him gag literally. I usually opt for a picnic like lunch where we'll both snack on sandwich's, couscous, cheese (dairy free) and breadsticks, if I have enough energy after the mornings shenanigans ill cook scrambled eggs, omelette or beans on toast. After lunch its a quick clean up of the highchair, floor and child I'll take my lunch time medication and then usually some structured activity of sorts. Some days we'll go to a stay and play whilst Elijah is at nursery or we'll pick Eli up and go soft play. Most of the time we'll go run around the woods or fields, well I say run the boys will run I'll hobble behind.

I am so lucky to live near some gorgeous fields and woodland areas
the wood where we live

I am very much geared towards child led learning and play so most of the activities we do are based on what the boys want to do when I am able to do it.

Dinner and Wind down Time

At this point in the day I am absolutely exhausted so what I like to do in the morning time dependant is put dinner in the slow cooker (life saver!)

if I haven't been able to I love easy one pot meals! and you can find easy, healthy recipes literally everywhere online, my favourite place for inspiration is Pinterest. On the days I'm child free I like to play around in the kitchen trying new meals from scratch as well, you can find some of my favourite recipes on my Instagram in my highlights.

Now its wind down time, pj's on warm milk (tea for me) and pain killers and medication for me. Bed time is a nightmare, Abel hates sleeping and at night all I want to do is sleep. Bedtime routine starts at about 6:30pm and Abel can fall asleep anywhere between 8pm and 10pm, I sometimes fall asleep with him and sometimes we fall asleep on the sofa together. It is exhausting, but I love every minute of it.


Every day is different, Every day my body poses a new challenge but every day I am learning to adapt and overcome these challenges. Parenting is exhausting, pair it with chronic disabilities and it makes the fight harder. Some days are hard however the great days make it so much easier to keep going forward. Remember you are stronger than you know, take time for you. Selfcare is never selfish.

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