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Parenting blah blah blah.

One thing I get asked a lot is, how do I parent? For a while this baffled me, because for me my life is no different to another parents. Then I started thinking about why I get asked this question, then it dawned on me. When people don't understand someone's limitations, it can seem as if the task at hand is impossible. The answer is quite simply, normally.

Okay I say normally, but the word normal is subjective. Especially when it comes too parenting, but like most parents and careers I just get on with it. When I'm having a good day we do more and when I'm having a rough day we take it a bit slower. Abel also has his own limitations so I go based off him, Elijah very much just goes with the flow of things.

Most of my parenting is Child-led, I love watching the boys push there own limits and boundaries it does also make it easier for myself and its doable for anyone because parenting does not come with its own set of rules. Your not handed a rule book in the delivery room. You are handed this fresh new-born and now you have the biggest responsibility on your hands with little to no professional guidance.

What if you dislocated something whilst holding your child?

I have, no sugar-coating it. No I've never dropped either of my boys, I have had to sit on the floor and push through the pain, may I add its also not as dramatic as they show it on t.v well not all of the time and then I call for help, luckily few of my dislocations have needed hospitalization or hospital treatment. But I work through it, I found having a sling/ Carrier helped take the pressure off my joints as well as gentle exercise. It is just another hurdle I face when looking after my boys, but no they've never come to harm when I've had a subluxation or dislocation. But it does make parenting slightly more difficult.

I think something that everyone needs to remember, there is no set way of parenting. Some parents have strict routines, some parents go with the flow. Some parents attending daily play sessions with the children and some prefer taking the children to play all day in open spaces, and some fit quite comfortably in between. What ever your style, you do you and keep going.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, we all face hurdles the hurdles themselves don't really matter its how we face them that counts.

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