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Struggles During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is tough for everyone, 9 months of weight gain, exhaustion, heartburn, indigestion and the constant need to use the toilet.

Majority of the time it's all forgotten about when your freshly born baby is placed on you. But during pregnancy it can be a truly isolating experience, not everyone has the right support for them.

One thing i struggled with during pregnancy was SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) some of the symptoms of SPD are pain, mainly in the pelvis/hip area and lower back. Grinding or clicking sensation in the pubic area. Pain that's made worse by parting your leg, walking, standing and going up and down stairs.

Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome made it a little harder because my hips dont work correctly normally let alone when i have a 6lb baby in my belly along with the rest of the weight. I spent a lot of time on bedrest, which was the fine when i was pregnant with my first. I could lay down for hours on end when needed,

When i was pregnant with my second, the SPD was so much worse but this time i didn't have hours too lay down as i was a mum to 13 month old when the SPD hit will full force (4 months pregnant)

The pain continued after my boys where born, they've never been the same but they aren't always too bad. like with most of my chronic pain there are good and bad days.

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